About prairie heritage meats


Prairie Heritage Meats is owned and operated by Alberta Wapiti Products Cooperative Ltd.


Alberta Wapiti Products Cooperative Ltd. (AWAPCO) is a new generation cooperative located in Alberta, Canada. Our company is owned and managed by our members which consists of 120 elk producers from Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Since June 2001 AWAPCO has been in the business of marketing and selling Federally inspected ranch raised elk meat and elk products.  After 21 years of successfully marketing 1500-2000 head of elk per year, in 2022 AWAPCO branched into also processing elk and yak provincially under the trade name Prairie Heritage Meats. At this time, elk and yak meat produced by Prairie Heritage Meats is only available in Alberta as it is provincially inspected product.  Let Prairie Heritage Meats be your source for premium quality ranch raised elk and yak meat!

Elk-Cow-Calf Gerald-Fall-Yak Elks Yak-Cow-Calf